Worship Services: Sunday 10 AM

Sunday services at MCC Key West are welcoming and inclusive to all people.We celebrate Holy Eucharist at the end of every service and welcome all to participate; you do not need to be a member of this church or any church to partake of this meal that Christ offered to all. We draw upon many faith traditions in our liturgy and music, offering congregants the opportunity to experience and learn about different styles of worship. Our lay leadership takes a very active role in the conduct of the service. We celebrate with joy and a deep sense of community.

Our special Holiday services include a Christmas eve candlelight service of readings and carols, an Ash Wednesday service, and Holy week services including Good Friday and Easter sunrise as well as our regular Easter service at 10 AM.

  1. Where do I go first?

If you are attending worship, arrive a few minutes early to find your way and meet a few people. The sanctuary, where services are held, and is upstairs on the second floor.  We do have a fully enclosed lift for those who can't manage the stairs. The lift is large enough to accommodate a wheelchair.  Greeters will assist anyone needing help. 

  1. How long does church last?

Our worship services typically last one hour; occasionally it will last a little longer.

  1. What do I wear?

Wear what you feel most comfortable in. Most dress 'key west casual'; shorts or Sunday best or somewhere in between, it's totally up to you.

  1. Will I be singled out as a visitor?

We welcome visitors, but you choose whether you want to be recognized or not. We encourage participation, whenever you are ready.

  1. What about communion?

MCC Key West celebrates communion each Sunday. Everyone is invited to participate in communion.  In the spirit of community, it is a time to come together to celebrate our oneness.  If you prefer not to participate, just remain seated - your participation is whatever you want it to be.


  1. Is MCC Key West a Bible-based church?

MCC Key West is a theologically progressive community, committed to worshipping, learning, serving, and caring.  Our preaching and teaching combines sound biblical scholarship and contemporary knowledge from all disciplines of study.  We take the bible seriously, but not literally.

Our experience is Christian and we are part of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, and just like each congregation is different within the UFMCC, each person at MCC Key West is at a different place on their faith journey.  We recognize that our differences are a gift; and as stated in our covenant, we believe each person is unique and unrepeatable.  We are not afraid to ask questions and readily admit we don't have all the answers.  God is still speaking!

We are: progressive, innovative, contemporary, friendly, caring, education oriented, community minded, justice seeking, peace making, musical, inclusive, risk taking, and welcoming.  We honor other paths to God and don't pretend to have all the answers.  We are more interested in the journey than the destination and care more about relationships than rules.  And if you don't think MCC Key West is the right fit for you, we'll help you find another church.

The best way is to join us for Sunday morning worship, see how you like it, and talk to the people you meet.  Eveyone has different experiences and reasons why they attend MCC Key West.

You can also call the church office (305-294-8912) or email Rev. Steve Torrence to ask a question. MCCKeyWest@gmail.com


"The uniqueness and greatness of every life is radically affirmed"

We believe God's love embraces all, regardless of gender,
race, age, ability, or sexual orientation and that
every person is unique and unrepeatable.
We know that to understand the Bible means
taking it seriously but not literally.
We understand what Jesus had to do with justice.
We nurture through innovative
teaching and action
and help each individual expand their faith.
As a community we strive to be on the cutting edge.
You are warmly invited to help us build
a brighter future for all!